Plasticseize visits the Letsrecycle Live 2019 event

Last week on the 23rd May, Plasticseize founder Peter went to the Letsrecycle Live 2019 event in Coventry. In case you are wondering what it was all about, it's an event aimed at showcasing the latest waste and recycling industry developments in a live environment.

It was a beautiful day and Peter used the opportunity to make some good contacts who will be able to help us both manage the plastic waste we collect onboard our ship, and to also utilise it and any other waste gathered in the most appropriate ways.

Some of the topics that Peter spoke to companies about included;

  • Crushing and bailing methods for plastic bottles that contain PET with a view to bringing these back to land to be reused

  • Total waste management

  • Broker for handling plastic onto recycling firms

Peter also went to a lecture on 'The Circular Economy: Accelerating the Transition' which had really interesting facts about the percentage of waste recycled in different countries, how the UK is still lagging behind other countries in the EU and how the UK is still sending waste abroad.

Live demonstration of shredding equipment

All round, a really interesting day with some great contacts made for when our #plasticseize mission sets sail.

Keep following our progress.


We are a non-profit making charity with the aim to raise enough funds to purchase a ship which will then be modified and deployed to seize plastic from the ocean gyres, seas and river mouths.

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