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Plasticseize roving reporter returns

Last year, our friend and roving reporter Tony Curphey set sail on another solo trip in his Nicholson 32 Nicola Deux.

During his trip he kindly agreed to take some seawater samples so we could observe if the samples contained any visible floating plastic.

Having obtained four bottles in which to store the samples in St. Helena in the southern Atlantic Ocean, Tony then took two samples in the south Atlantic, and two in the north.

The samples were obtained at the following locations:

  1. 13°14’S; 09°01’ W (NW of St Helena)

  2. 04°20’ S; 20°44’W (latitude in line with Fortaleza, Brazil)

  3. 09°15’N; 031°34’W (SW of Cape Verde Islands)

  4. 34°09’N; 35°00’W (SW of Azore Islands)

By normal eyesight, none of the samples appears to contain any plastic debris.

Tony did mention however that when he was topside looking out to sea, he did see floating plastic of various descriptions every day, especially in the north Atlantic.

Tony is a good friend to Plasticseize and we thank him very much. He is now planning to spend some time making repairs to his yacht.

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