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Plasticseize roving reporters

Last year, Plasticseize met with Tony Curphey who has sailed around the world, solo, on numerous occasions. During a fascinating interview, we talked to Tony about his experiences with ocean plastic. If you haven't already seen it, you can watch the interview by clicking the image below:

Tony has now left our shores again and is off down south into the Atlantic. He spent some time moored in the Gulf du Morbihan, France before setting off towards Madeira.

Unfortunately he reported that his engine has stopped working which might be terminal however he still intends to carry on his journey using only wind power.

Of course, people through the centuries have travelled our oceans using only wind power - just a case of being patient and waiting for the right conditions.

Turing his travels he has kindly agreed to be a roving plastic reporter and he will let the Plasticseize team know what he encounters during his trip.

One of the Plasticseize trustees is also currently sailing the English Channel and will also report any sightings of floating plastic. Regular updates will be through our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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